Logic Errors in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Movies


The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies have huge fan bases around the world. However, they are not faultless. Moreover, some mistakes really make people question themselves.

The Lord of the Rings film series consists of three films made as a novel adaptation in the early 2000s. The three books by Tolkien are one of the most important fantasy novels ever written. Both a soldier and a linguist, Tolkien created an unforgettable universe for centuries.

Again written by Tolkien Hobbit if Lord of the RingsThanks to the success of the movie, it was transferred to the cinema. Originally a single book, The Hobbit has been told on the big screen in three different films. Probably because of this, some inconceivable logical errors occurred. Although the films were loved, they became the focus of intense criticism due to the mistakes made.


Now it’s time to put aside the love we have for both trilogies and focus on the mistakes made. Because some mistakes are so obvious that you’d be surprised if you didn’t notice them while watching. Let’s face both these logic errors and Why Let’s take a closer look at what’s considered an error.

There is one detail that we should mention before we move on to the mistakes. By separating the books, the mistakes we have included in our article, focusing on movies we chose. Since some of the details explained in the books are not given in the movies, there are some points where the movie audiences are missing. Sometimes these missing points can create logic errors.

Lord of the Rings and Hobbit mind-blowing logic errors found in movies

At the entrance of Mount Doom, jinns are playing ball:

Lord of the Rings

Sauron is the character who knows best that the One Ring can only be destroyed in the flames of Mount Doom. Despite this, he makes perhaps the worst move he can make in battle, leaving the entrance to Mount Doom vulnerable. Some fans refer to this situation as Sam and FrodoHe attributes it to the fact that Sauron did not consider it possible that he could come this far.

Why the elves stay away from the events is not explained in the movies:

Lord of the Rings

Early in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, you can see how strong, proud, noble, and intellectually the Elves are. developed It is shown to be a race. According to the information given in the movie, they form an alliance with humans thousands of years ago to defeat Sauron. Later in the movie, it is seen that the Elves have left the world they live in to their fate many times.

Those who have read The Silmarillion will hear the stories of the Elves being slowly cut off from the world and being pulled into their shells. closely they know. However, since the details about this subject are not given in the movie, the idea that occurs in the minds of the audience is that the Elves are callous.

Where the information on how to destroy the ring is obtained is not shown in the movies:

hobbit series

Knowledge that the One Ring could be destroyed in the flames of Mount Doom, Elrond RivendellIt was almost unknown until he told everyone about it at the council in . In the books, it is stated that the Elves were the first race to reach this information, but it is not explained where they got the information.

If you think that the knowledge was given by Gandalf or Saruman, you are wrong. Because in a scene where the past is shown in the movie, the one who gave up throwing the One Ring IsildurAppears to have been warned by Elrond. This event takes place in the Second Age, long before Gandalf or Saruman came to Middle-earth.

When the Nazgûl finds Frodo, he gives up very quickly:

Lord of the Rings

In a scene set in Osgiliath, a Nazgûl on his Felbeast nearly catches up with Frodo. As the Nazgûl approached Frodo, Sam intervened and Faramir ok throwing it. The Nazgûl, on the other hand, give up taking the One Ring and begin to run away.

It doesn’t make much sense that a being who was created to seize the One Ring could be so easily distracted from its purpose. Some theories say that it is not the Nazgûl who want to escape, FellbeastAlthough he says that he wanted to run away because he was afraid, it is not possible to situate the event in a logical framework.