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  • The Logistics Real Estate Initiative (Logix) has for the first time carried out a systematic study on climate balancing in the logistics real estate industry.
  • The study contains a practical guide for project developers, users, investors and municipalities and should be available in October 2020.
  • With the Logix Awards 2019 For the first time, the jury awarded a CO2-neutral logistics property.

The core task of the new Logix publication on sustainability is to create a holistic picture of climate footprint in the development and use of logistics properties and thus to provide an overview of existing standards and potential expansion approaches. The authors of the study, Dr. Christian Jacobi (Agiplan), Doreen Kruschina (Kruschina Planning Office), Dr. Alexander Nehm (Logivest) and Uwe-Veres Homm (Fraunhofer Working Group for Supply Chain Services SCS), develop a practical manual.

The handbook is intended to provide specific assistance with evaluation and implementation climate-friendly settlement projects in the logistics sector Offer. By taking into account the perspectives of users, investors, municipalities and the environment, they take a holistic view of the issues of climate protection and CO2 reduction.

Sustainability: CO2-neutral logistics property wins awards

With the study, Logix is ​​continuing its initiatives in recent years. When awarding the Logix Awards 2019 The jury recognized a logistics property that was CO2-neutral in operation, and the three other finalists also all impressed by taking particular account of the sustainability aspect in the areas of energy efficiency, climate and environmental protection.

“Already with the awarding of the Logix Award 2019, we have contributed to creating new standards in the project development of logistics properties that take sustainability aspects into account more. We are continuing on this path with the 5th Logix study, ”explains Dr. Malte-Maria Münchow, spokesman for the Logix initiative.

“We don’t just want to provide a theoretical study, but rather to deliver practical added value. The publication serves as a guideline to ensure greater transparency in climate protection for everyone involved in the implementation of project developments. In this way, we are also helping to establish a higher level of acceptance among our municipal partners and to provide understandable arguments for future settlement projects. ”

Importance of logistics real estate in the value chain

In addition to the Logistics Real Estate Initiative itself, other sponsors are supporting the current Logix study with Bayern LB, Goldbeck, Real I.S., SSI Schäfer and Wisag. The results are expected to be presented in October 2020. Previous publications of the initiative dealt, among other things, with the importance and function of logistics real estate within the entire value chain, the space and employment potential of German logistics regions, and the consideration of logistics real estate from a municipal perspective.

Logix aims to increase the acceptance and importance of logistics properties in specialist circles and the general public. A functioning logistics industry is an essential prerequisite for a modern economy. Within this, logistics properties make a significant contribution to success. The initiative has set itself the goal of drawing attention to this and strengthening the importance and acceptance of logistics properties in public. (sg)

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