LoL Champion Kog’Maw Receives New Design Update


League of Legends’ dark dog, Kog’Maw, is receiving a new design update that will make it easier for the player while playing. Thanks to the update, the champion will be made more visible.

Turkey’s most played MOBA from their games League of Legends’a a new design update is coming. The purpose of this small update is to make one of the LoL champions easier to follow and control during the game.

League of Legends character Kog’MawIt will get a ‘revised’ look, thanks to the upcoming update. LoL’s visual effects artist Oliver McDonald’s Thanks to the appearance he shares on Twitter, the Kog’Maw character will be much easier to follow during the game.

Kog’Maw champion’s playability will increase

kog'maw update

League of Legends champion and skins visual effects manager Oliver McDonald recently shared a series of tweets showing the upcoming changes to the Kog’Maw character. According to McDonald, who clearly explains the changes in his shipments, this update will make the champion’s movements more visible and his range easier to follow. The Twitter posts that clearly show the improvements made to the texture and effects are as follows:

Kog’Maw’s new look and effects: