Long Raise Queues at Fuel Stations

Due to the fuel hikes that will be valid from this evening, citizens formed long queues in front of the fuel stations. Twitter users reacted to the queues.

After the sudden rise of the dollar and the consecutive increase in fuel prices in the last few days, citizens are in front of the gas stations. long queues started to build. Those who hear about the new hikes that will be effective as of the night of 25 November, again go to the fuel stations. flocked to

Gasoline 1 lira 2 cents, diesel 1 lira 6 cents and to LPG 65 cents Users, who viewed the long queues after the hike, shared these images on social media. Many user made hikes criticized.

Queues formed for miles.

Especially the queues formed in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara drew great reaction on social media. Some citizens, who queued to buy fuel, did not sell the fuel of the gas stations and started selling their products.what they stock‘ he rebelled against this injustice by claiming.

On the social media, many users share the fuel queues formed in different parts of Turkey, both for the queues formed and the price hikes. Reacted.

Here are the images shared on social media;