Long-term failure with Stratos V servers

The web host Strato apparently has more massive problems with its V-server platform. Customers report heise online that the performance of rented virtual servers has been slumping again and again since May 11th. One wrote on May 19, for example: "The servers have in fact been unusable for a week. IO tasks, which normally take 150 ms, are currently around 900 s. IO performance is practically short of an IO -Stop."

Several customers complained that Strato had received no information about the nature of the problems. The hoster himself announced a malfunction due to "maintenance work" on May 13th, which is why "there are restrictions on the accessibility and performance of some virtual servers". When the servers will work again without problems, you can not say. Since then there has apparently been radio silence – and the interference continues 11 days later.

Strato disorder

In a customer announcement, Strato declared the massive disruption to its V-server platform as "maintenance work".

Strato was also taciturn towards heise online: "Some of our V-servers are currently slowed down," said a company spokesman. The restriction affects "only certain hardware nodes and thus only a part of our customers". Strato has "already taken several measures that are also having an effect: the restrictions are decreasing, but have not yet been completely remedied. We are continuing to work intensively on the subject. Unfortunately, we cannot yet predict when all V-Servers will be reachable again on a regular basis" . This sounds like the disorder will drag on for longer.


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