Love for TikTok Costs a Child’s Life


A 12-year-old boy died in the US due to a challenge at TikTok. Announcing the brain death of the child, who left him breathless until he lost consciousness, the doctors explained that there was nothing they could do.

TikTok, which has become one of the most popular social networks in recent years,challengeIt is a platform with lots of challenges. Users are trying to prove themselves and reach more followers by participating in these challenges. it costed your life.

Joshua Haileyesus, who lives in Colorado, USA, is in this challenge on TikTok. until you lose consciousness He left himself out of breath. The boy, who fainted and was found by his brother after a while, was rushed to the hospital. Doctors of the little boy that brain death has occurred and they said there was nothing to do.

Little boy used a shoelace to stay out of breath

Joshua Haileyesus

According to the statements made by the brother of the brain dead boy, Joshua was shoelace used. While there is nothing left to do medically, the boy’s family is still in hope against such challenges at TikTok. need to be careful emphasizes.


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TikTok also took action after the sad event. Officials who made statements on the subject, due to the incident that they are sorryThey said that protecting user security is more important than anything else. They also blocked the hashtag “#blackoutchallenge” used in the challenge. However, this late step will once again prevent the brain-dead child. won’t bring back.

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