Lovelessness Reason for Divorce of Bill & Melinda Gates Couple


With a report recently, it was announced that the Melinda & Bill Gates couple would end their marriage. The last information about divorce, which everyone is wondering why, is that the reason for divorce is ‘loveless marriage’.

With the coronavirus pandemic, Bill Gates, who has become one of the most talked-about names in the world due to the conspiracy theories he focuses on, has been on the agenda with the news of divorce. 27 years of marriage termination, made by Melinda Gates and Bill Gates a common statement announced with.

Of course, this news caught a lot of media attention when it became one of the richest billionaires in the world and his successful, philanthropic wife. Finding the explanation made by the couple not enough ‘the real reason why the marriage ended’ The media, which started to search, reached different answers. The latest news came in a very simple answer to the question; reason for divorce a loveless marriage.

Bill Gates told his golf friends:

Bill Gates & Melinda Gates

According to a report in The New York Post, Bill Gates talked about the situation to his golf friends before the divorce was announced. Gates says their marriage has been in trouble for a while, now a loveless marriage, and for a while that they live separate lives told.

Another important claim regarding the reason for the couple’s divorce was that Melinda Gates was disturbed by Bill Gates’ friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Pedophilia, human trafficking and abuse Epstein, who was tried for such crimes, was found dead in his cell in 2019 and the incident had a great impact in the media.


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It makes perfect sense that Melinda Gates did not want someone on trial for such heinous crimes to be friends with his wife. Sources close to Bill Gates are about Gates’ friendship. that you regret says. But almost two years after Epstein’s death, it doesn’t make much sense to think that this was the only reason for the breakup. A marriage that has become unloved for this and who knows what other reasons seems like a sufficient reason for divorce.

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