Low Budget iPhone May Have A Different Name

IPhone 9 (or iPhone SE 2), which Apple is expected to introduce in the next month, will have a different name, according to a claim. The device may not be introduced even next month, according to a claim from a source working in Apple.

The next smartphone we expect Apple to announce, as many of you have heard, iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 would come out by the name, at least we were hoping so. But one person who made a statement today said that Apple's new iPhone would have neither the iPhone 9 name nor the iPhone SE 2 name.

Speaking to Front Page Tech and introducing himself as the leader of 'Toilet Squad' Jon Prossersaid he received information about the next iPhone from a new source. Let us remind you that what he said before Jon Prosser's words is only a claim. So this statement would really be different from the iPhone name may not reflect.

The name of the new iPhone will be 'iPhone' only:

iphone se 2 iphone 9

Jon Prosser's source, possibly working at Apple, told him that there were some errors about the iPhone 9 news. While the source was introduced to Jon, the name iPhone 9, even iPhone SE 2 would not be He was passed. Jon's source also cited the name of the new iPhone.

According to the information provided by the source of Jon Prosser, Apple's expected low-priced smartphone, iPhone only will come out with the name. In other words, as you can understand, there will be no numbers or expressions in the name of the new smartphone of iPhone, it will be called a flat iPhone.

iphone se 2 iphone 9

Apple's pursuit of such a strategy actually makes some sense. We can explain this as follows: The company will be able to use its devices that will be older than the new iPhone than this iPhone. as if it was low may not want to show. To reflect this to users, instead of putting 9 or SE 2 names on iPhone, it can put the name of the flat iPhone.

Descriptions of the source of Jon Prosser were not only limited to the name of the new iPhone. This source is the new iPhone next month not disclosed he even claimed. Of course this is today Covidien-19 When we look at how the virus affects other companies, it makes sense.


Apple will let you choose third party apps as standard apps

The COVID-19 virus has already affected Apple. The company's production in China has considerably reduced the production of new generation iPhones. We can say that the situation in China can prevent the company from making a new announcement because the production amount is quite limited In the case.

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