Low Code: Appian takes over process mining provider LANA Labs

Appian, a provider specializing in low code, has taken over LANA Labs, a company that focuses on complex business processes. LANA Labs had developed a process mining platform that uses AI and machine learning (ML) as well as data integration methods to carry out analyzes. The target group are apparently end users with no programming knowledge. Process mining with the LANA platform is intended to bring together company data for customers and, according to the low-code provider, to help identify inefficient processes more quickly.

By adding process mining to its portfolio, Appian now offers a particularly comprehensive automation suite in the area of ​​low code. According to the blog entry on the Appian website, LANA is based on a proprietary ML algorithm for analyzing complex business processes, with both private and public sector companies being eligible for process analysis.

According to the blog post, Appian brings together existing and new features on its own platform: LANA is used to identify inefficient processes in order to automate the workflows with the other Appian tools. According to the operators, insights that a company or organization gains from the LANA platform can be implemented seamlessly using the Appian platform. The specific goal is to generate practical suggestions for work processes in which people, systems and data interact as smoothly as possible.

Appian dashboard: Process mining with AI and machine learning for (hyper) automation of business processes

Appian dashboard: Process mining with AI and machine learning for (hyper) automation of business processes

Low-code platform Appian: Process mining with AI and machine learning is used for the (hyper) automation of business processes.

(Image: Appian)

Dan Wucherpfennig, CEO of LANA Labs, and Matt Calkins, CEO of Appian, emphasize the synergies between process mining, process modeling and automation in the joint press release. But also on the technical side, they say there are enough similarities that made the merger possible: Appian’s low-code architecture, like LANA’s product architecture, relies on containers and can evidently be used between the AWS cloud and customer-managed environments (on-premises) porting.

Further details can be found see Appian’s blog entry. Who wants to know more precisely what process mining is and how it works, finds a brief overview at Appian.


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