Lowest September Fires in 20 Years Recorded on Amazon


September is known as the month of the year when the most severe forest fires are seen in the Amazon Forest. However, the latest data released indicate that this situation may have changed.

September, Brazilof forest fires in ‘hot’ known as the past month; However, according to the latest data announced, the same situation is not valid for September 2021.

Brazilian National Institute for Space StudiesAccording to the data of September 2021, 20 years Brazil’s Amazon rainforestbetween the fires in September in the lowest level he saw. According to the data, the number of Amazon fires exceeded the level recorded in September last year. just a little more than half which is Pantanal With the sharp decrease in the amount of fires in wetlands in the total number of fires across the country means a decline.

Officials say it should wait at least until the end of the year before declaring deforestation has reduced.

Amazon fires

President who has promoted development at Amazon since inauguration Jair Bolsonarohad described the public’s global complaints about the destruction of the Amazon as a conspiracy to thwart agribusiness. The Bolsonaro administration has also discouraged land usurpers by supporting legislative measures to loosen land protections, and has made environmental officials highly hopeless had left.

Balsonaro, lately President of the United States Joe Biden complaining about the management and the situation from institutional investors It tries to show its commitment to the environment on the criticisms received. took place in September United Nations Balsonaro at the meeting; He emphasized that his administration had made extra efforts for warnings about the reduction of Amazonian deforestation in August following the fall in July. September’s results next week will be announced.


Environmentalists say that Balsonaro’s sudden change is extremely insincere and that deploying the military to the Amazon is extremely ineffective for protection. A network of environmental nonprofit groups Climate Observatoryexecutive secretary of Marcio AstriniHe stated that the fire data for September were welcomed. But before declaring a trend that deforestation is declining, especially given the still high levels of deforestation, Astrini said.e at least until the end of the year These low numbers need to continue.

Regarding the subject “Even with these variations, it’s hard to say whether this will be sustained because government action on Amazon is so weak. Why should it continue?” Speaking as Astrini, “The government isn’t there, there’s no pressure. So that’s it. deforestationdepends on the will of the people who set fires.” he continued.

August rainfall this year was above average

Amazon fires

Early data at the start of the severe drought and wildfire season show a large indication that this year’s fires will reach the same damage as recorded in the last two years. anxiety had created. However, unlike the usual rain, it rained on the Amazon in August this year.was well above average.

Amazon Environmental Research Institutescience director from Ane AlencarDespite the ongoing drought, there is a much fewer fires in the region than last year. behavior change noted that. Increase in fires last year from ruining the local tourism industry then fires in the first nine months of 2020 more than two-thirds was too low.


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Regarding the subject, Alencar, “Last year’s disaster has helped people better organize firefighting and prevention this year.” said and “What happened last year economic losses, It had a significant impact on making people think more about their actions and reducing the use of fire by peer sanction.” he added.

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