Luxembourg government: Spyware manufacturer NSO must respect export controls


The government of Luxembourg has urged the Grand Duchy-based companies of the manufacturer of the surveillance software Pegasus to comply with the law. According to the government on Tuesday, the Israeli software company NSO is based in Luxembourg with a total of nine companies. Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn will “emphatically” remind those responsible in these companies in letters that Luxembourg will “apply its export control obligations to the letter”.

Luxembourg will “not allow the operations of these companies from Luxembourg to contribute to human rights violations in third countries,” the government said in the letters. None of the nine companies that belong to the NSO group in Luxembourg have so far applied for an export license for cyber surveillance products. All companies based in Luxembourg are obliged to contact the authorities if transactions could fall under the rules on the export of defense goods. This also applies to products that can be used both militarily and civilly. An export license is required in all cases.

According to research by an international journalist consortium, the Pegasus software is said to have also been used to spy on smartphones from journalists, human rights activists and business people. In France, the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into NSO. Two journalists and a publishing company had filed charges.


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