M1 in front of the door: Apple is apparently going out the first Intel iMacs


Long delivery times for Apple’s 5K iMac: The version of the all-in-one Mac with a matte display will not be available again until the end of March, as the manufacturer states in its online shop. Apple only added iMac screens with nanotexture to its portfolio in 2020. Similar to the Pro Display XDR, a light-diffusing nano-texture is etched into the glass in front of the panel to reduce reflections.

Originally, the display made of nano-textured glass cost more than 600 euros extra, the price was then almost halved last year. Intel iMacs with standard 27″ screens are still readily available from Apple.

The delivery time of the nanotexture iMac, which suddenly increased to almost two months, could anticipate the date for an upcoming model change. Besides the Mac Pro, the 27″ iMac is the last remaining Mac that Apple has not yet switched from x86 to its own ARM-based chips as part of its major processor architecture change.

According to rumors from the supply chain, production of a new 5K iMac has already begun, and a first Apple event in 2022 is also expected in spring – in the past the company often chose March for this. In addition to new iMacs, fresh iPads and a newly launched iPhone SE with 5G support should also be on the agenda.

Apple re-launched the smaller iMac version last year with an M1 chip and as a 24-inch model with 4.5K. It has long been speculated that the large iMac could also grow beyond a screen diagonal of 27 inches. According to the latest rumours, however, a 27″ display will remain, in the future probably with mini-LED technology and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz. In addition, the Apple chips M1 Pro and M1 Max introduced with the new MacBook Pro should be introduced and thus, for example, options for more RAM than a maximum of 16 GB in Macs with the basic M1 chip It is also conceivable that a new version of the M1 chip with more than 10 processor cores will make its debut in the large iMac.

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