Mac & i special with over 500 iPhone tips now in advance in the heise shop

One day before sales start in stores, there is the Mac & i special autumn 2021 with over 500 iPhone tips in the Heise shop – optionally on paper or as PDF. The topics:

Of course, every child can master the essential functions of the iPhone. Apple has hidden some refinements in the system, settings and apps that you as an advanced user may want to acquire in order to have more than the crowd. 54 tips are dedicated to advanced functions on the home screen, settings, gestures and apps, unlocking with a mask, the control center, cardio fitness, the AirPods, widgets, the app library, emojis, making calls, corona warnings, picture in picture, the Data protection, bedtime, password security, the AirPods, printing, app search, quick actions, cellular data usage, notifications and do not disturb, the control center and much more.

Mac & i special iPhone tips: Cover picture …

The iPhone is a very personal device, and yet the interface looks almost the same for all users. Since iOS 14, you can finally change that. The Mac & i special shows how you can individually design your home screen, accommodate your own widgets and retrofit practical functions with shortcuts. For example, you can place a photo on the home screen, give apps their own names and icons, hide apps, create your own range of functions with widgets and configure individual backgrounds. If you want, you can even configure your iPhone so that it is no longer recognizable.

The iPhone camera app is certainly one of the most popular. But it’s good for more than just snapshots, selfies and fleeting family photos. Learn how to create fascinating images with built-in functions, additional apps and tools. Mac & i shows, for example, how to focus manually, adjust the exposure of images, select subjects and perspectives better, or take extremely high-resolution photos. In addition, the booklet invites you to experiment with, for example, long exposures, the portrait mode, which is quite suitable for objects, or the panorama mode, which can also be used in portrait mode. There are also helpful tips for editing and optimizing the images afterwards.

For the top models of the iPhones, Apple has developed a new file format: With ProRAW, your photos get even better – but not by themselves. When you should take photos with this format and how you can get the best possible result is stated in the special issue.

Thanks to the very good camera in the iPhone, you can not only take great photos, but also high-quality videos – even in 4K. With the 30 tips in the Mac & i special you can perfect your films, from apparent basics to film techniques that we have learned from professionals.

… and table of contents

All Apple mails that are pre-installed on the iPhone have been trimmed for ease of use. If you know the hidden and extended options, you can get a lot more out of it. Mac & i brings tips on Safari, Mail, Messages, the Photos app, calendar, reminders, contacts, notes, music app, books, files, screen time, keychain, continuity, AirPlay, accessibility, Siri, but also about Apple ID.

Apple’s map app just keeps getting better. However, some new functions have not yet found their way across the pond to Europe. Our special issue provides tips on hidden and extended functions and reveals where it is better to use Google’s free competition.

The Apple ID is a prerequisite for purchasing apps and much more. If you use it cleverly, you can get more out of your iPhone, iPad and Mac – and save money on top of that. 16 tips are dedicated not only to optimal use, but also to solving problems.

When navigating or at the ticket machine: The battery is usually empty exactly when you need it most. With our 9 tips you can get the last bit of battery life out of your iPhone.

Finally, you can travel more again, and the iPhone is always with you. But most owners underestimate their smart device in their pocket – and think they know everything they need to get along better on the go. But as is so often the case with Apple, valuable options are hidden in settings, options and apps. Make your iPhone the perfect travel assistant. Mac & i reveals how to set up the emergency call and emergency pass, configure the phone app correctly, and shows you how to get online cheaply. Save your mobile phone volume and remember to digitize all important (travel) documents. Even for charging the device in the hotel, there are tips that not everyone comes up with.

Incidentally, the iPhone is also really good on a bike to calculate and log tours or to display useful things. We also give a few pieces of advice that you should keep in mind.

With Apple’s device search, iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches can not only be located remotely, but also blocked and deleted to protect against third-party access. Read about how to use the most important functions in the special issue.

iOS apps can offer a free trial period that automatically turns into a paid subscription. Fraudsters use this to steal expensive subscriptions from iPhone users. We show how you can defend yourself against the rip-off.

AirPlay 2 plays the same music synchronously in several rooms or plays different songs on several speakers – even from different manufacturers, optionally via Siri. Find out how you can get all this under control and also integrate older speakers without AirPlay 2.

Over the years, Apple has continuously improved Siri and integrated it on all platforms – from the watch to iPhone, iPad and Mac to HomePod and Apple TV. In the meantime, the intelligent assistant can do more than you think she can do. With a total of 31 tips, you can take full advantage of Siri.

From short chat messages to detailed notes to long contributions: Many texts are created on the iPhone and iPad despite the small keyboard and the hard glass surface. With a few tricks for iOS, you can write your texts faster and more conveniently.

There are many very handy settings in Apple’s Accessibility Features that many have no idea of. Our tips guide you through the best functions with which you can operate your devices even more conveniently – and switch off annoyance.

Would you like to delete WhatsApp for data protection reasons and use an alternative such as Signal or Threema? Or are all of your friends suddenly using Telegram? Switching to a new messenger is easier said than done. After all, the conversation partners are listed in the previous app and you want to keep some chat history including photos. With our 11 tips you can overcome the hurdles.

Select and play – most audiobook services are very easy to use. Things get more complicated, for example, when you want to read works from CDs, find classics for free and legally on the Internet, or want to track down audio books in Apple Music. But even that works if you know how.

Websites, apps and also Apple’s operating systems often want to find out more about the usage behavior of users than one initially thinks. In the special issue, Mac & i reveals how you can prevent such tracking and curb the hunger for information.

Apple’s new label in the App Store finally clearly shows which user and device data an app wants to read out. The introduction received a lot of praise, but there are open questions and criticism. Mac & i provides answers.

At the end of the special edition there are over 50 partly tricky questions and problems from iPhone owners as well as understandable answers from the editors. Among other things, there is insufficient free memory on the device, the AirPods, face recognition in photos, calendar subscriptions, the storage of Siri requests, moving data to a new iPhone, Apple Pay, WLANs, Siri, music -Streaming, Family Sharing, CarPlay, Banking Apps, Darkmode, HomeKit and much more.

Comes on September 2, 2021 Mac & i special iPhone-Tipps in the well-stocked newsagents. From now and up to and including September 9th, it can be ordered free of charge for 12.90 euros in the heise shop. From 1.9. you can also read it in the browser as a PDF (€ 9.99) or prepared for reading iPhone and iPad, Android devices and Kindle Fire in the Mac & i apps. The booklet is not included in the Mac & i subscription.

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