Mac mini M1X: New professional model allegedly in preparation


Apple allegedly wants to relaunch its compact desktop PC Mac mini in a high-end version: The manufacturer is preparing to introduce a model with a more powerful M1X chip in a new housing design, such as Bloomberg reported in a newsletter. The Mac mini M1X will again have more interfaces and will come onto the market in the “next few months”.

The Mac mini is one of the first Mac models that Apple switched from Intel to in-house ARM-based processors last November. Although this resulted in a significant leap in performance, it made compromises in terms of expandability: Due to limitations in Apple’s M1 chip, the new Mac mini only supports up to two screens and only offers two instead of four Thunderbolt ports (USB-C ).

In addition, a maximum of 16 GB of RAM can be configured on the M1 Mac mini and this is only possible when ordering, subsequent upgrading is not possible for normal end customers. The Mac mini with an Intel chip supports up to 64 GB of RAM, which can also be upgraded by the user – Apple’s often very high prices for RAM upgrades can thus be easily avoided.

The report leaves open which additional interfaces the new high-end model should have. Apple added an option for 10 Gigabit Ethernet to the Mac mini back in April for a surcharge of 115 euros; only 10/100 / 1000BASE-T Gigabit is standard on board.

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So far, Apple has been selling a Mac mini with an Intel processor, which can hardly keep up in terms of pure processor performance – but still offers the corresponding expandability. This is likely to be replaced by the M1X-Mac mini, which RAM options the next Apple chip will bring is still unknown. A new MacBook Pro with 14 “and 16” displays, M1X chips and additional interfaces is also expected for autumn.


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