Magenta At Home Basic: Telekom offers landline replacement via LTE

Deutsche Telekom will soon be offering the new Magenta Home Basic tariff. The reports Caschy’s blog apparently from corporate sources. The dedicated LTE access via a home router brings only 10 MBit / s in download and 2 MBit / s in upload.

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The price is 30 euros per month, plus an installation fee of 70 euros. A Fritzbox 6850 LTE from AVM is used.

Magenta at home basic: A landline number is part of it

Telekom spokesman Dirk Wende has confirmed the report. “The Magenta Home Basic tariff is only available through the Builder service offered to Telekom. It is a fixed network replacement product based on mobile communications (LTE) and ensures the ‘basic service’ as part of the universal service obligation (UDV) “, Wende explained. The offer was designed exclusively for localized use, especially in areas without fixed network expansion by Telekom and without alternative fixed network providers. “The customer is also assigned a landline number”said the spokesman.

According to the Federal Network Agency Telekom Deutschland provides basic services in the Federal Republic. There is no entitlement to a basic service against other providers such as Vodafone, 1 & 1 or similar companies. The offer of broadband Internet connections is not subject to the requirements of the basic service according to the Telecommunications Act.

AVM had already announced the Fritzbox 6850 5G in September. The device supports 5G bands in the sub-6 GHz range and with 1, 3, 7, 8, 20, 28 and 32 the common LTE bands in Europe. In the case of WLAN, the AC and N standards should offer a data rate of up to 1,266 Mbps.

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