Magentagaming: Telekom also launches a cloud gaming service

The network provider Deutsche Telekom enters the game streaming area and shows at the games fair Gamescom 2019 the service magenta Gaming, This is a cloud streaming service that competes with announced products such as Google Stadia and already usable services like Nvidia Geforce Now and Blade Shadow.

Job market

  1. ESWE Supply AG, Wiesbaden
  2. JOSEPH VĂ–GELE AG, Ludwigshafen

The offer of the Telekom resembles thereby the former product. It is not a self-configurable virtual machine, but software as a service, which customers can initially use via a mobile app and later also in the browser. Games are already preinstalled. To start the beta phase, the selection should include 100 titles. The first advertising images show racing games like Motogp 19, Gravel and Garfield Kart. The game library seems to be limited to at least family-friendly games, which is not surprising given the magenta brand.

Windows PCs, Macs and Android devices supported

Via app or browser, the product should work on as many devices as possible. "These include older PCs as well as smartphones, tablets or smart TVs"the manufacturer writes in an announcement. Specifically, this means PCs with Windows 7, 8 and 10, Macs with MacOS X and Android devices It is also a compatibility with the game consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One and planned with iOS products. Commercial controllers such as the Xbox One Wireless Controller are detected by Bluetooth, 2.4GHz or USB, as are mouse, keyboard and virtual touch buttons.

Magentagaming streams games in Full HD resolution at 60 fps. In the future, 4K streaming and audio playback of 5.1 signals will also be supported. The latency is the manufacturer with less than 50 milliseconds. A connection is possible via WLAN signal and later also in the mobile LTE network. The Telekom speaks in this connection of the still not generally available standard 5G. The beta will start on August 24, 2019 as part of an event at Gamescom in Cologne; the registration takes place via a corresponding website,