Magic of water: The pictures of the week (week 45)

There are endless possibilities for photographers to play with the subject of water. The seas have a strong pull. For example, in the pictures of the week you can see three shots that were taken by the sea. Oliver von Bohlen aka Banshee66 was out and about on Lubminer Strand (Baltic Sea). Although stormy and rainy weather was announced, he packed his camera.

In retrospect, it was a good decision, because this is how he was able to take his picture Rider on the Storm: “The storm predominated, the wind blew many of the rain clouds and drove many kiters out onto the water. The dark clouds on the one hand and the sun in the back on the other gave it that Water a silver sheen and let the kite umbrella shine. ” Ralf Prien and Stefan Bock’s recordings manage without people. The former traveled to the Twelve Apostles, which are limestone rocks up to 60 meters high. Standing in the ocean off the Australian coast, they are considered one of the most photographed landmarks in the country. Despite the memorable name, the twelve rocks are actually only seven, a few years ago one of the original eight rocks collapsed. Stefan Bock took his picture of the beach in the small bay of Praia da Cresmina, on the Portuguese coast. The photographer took the time for an atmospheric long exposure.

Even if you cannot travel to spectacular seascapes like the gallery photographers “von Bohlen”, “Prien” and “Bock”, there are very good opportunities on the doorstep. Photogenic locations around water can be found in many places. Andreas-Joachim Lins created his street fashion image Balance in the middle of Hanover, on the bank of the Leine that flows through the middle of the city. He wrote to us about the photo: “The scene shown was created out of the necessity of the photographic angle. In order to be able to show the New Town Hall in the background, an angle was required that also required a full-body picture. Model Matsi Lou took a few steps to achieve the look of the walking act. ”

Our photo series shows these and all other pictures of the day of the past calendar week at a glance:

Looking for neowise

If you are interested in the Neolithic Age, you probably know Helmstedt in Lower Saxony. There is a megalithic complex that dates back to 3500 BC. Frenchi81 explains about the motif: “A suitable location to capture the comet Neowise, which only comes so close to the earth every 5000 to 7000 years.” Neowise was visible in the sky with the naked eye this summer.
(Image: Frenchi81)

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