Magnetic Field of a Black Hole Observed


The black hole named M87 *, which was the first black hole to be seen in history, was the first structure of this type to reveal the electromagnetic wave structure around it.

There is no ultimate goal in science, each finding becomes a stepping stone for new studies. This does not change when it comes to space studies. For example M87 * named after the black hole is imaged scientists took their work to the next stage.

As a result of these studies Located around the M87 * black hole The magnetic field was revealed by the bending of light. The scientists, who processed the data from the Event Horizon Telescope, made the magnetic field discovery.

The bending of the light gave a hint

m87 *

About to earth 55 million light years By studying the lights coming from the black hole at a distance, scientists were able to observe very strong polarization effects. The strong magnetic field around the black hole changes the propagation direction of the photons and causes their polarization.


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Astronomer Ivan Marti-Vidal from the University of Valencia in Spain said in a statement “This is an important milestone: the polarization of light, which we saw in April 2019. the physics behind the image It makes us understand better. “ used the expression.

Polarization, also as electromagnetic radiation is known. As a particle of light travels through space, it changes its direction in a certain direction. For example, while the light passing through the dust clouds diffuses, the light beams affected by the magnetic fields become charged.

A first in history

m87 black hole


Can Black Holes Recreate the Stars Swallowed?

In fact, although polarization is a technology we use in glasses, screens and other different areas in our daily life, it also provides us with information about the environment in space when emitted from cosmic objects. For example, the polarization effect created by M87 *, black hole’s very strong magnetic field is showing.

The magnetic field of a black hole is like a cloud of gas event horizon around it keeps turning. The researchers found that the magnetic field here is strong enough to prevent hot gases from falling into the black hole. Thanks to this study, the secret of particles scattered from black holes will be revealed in the future.

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