Man from Antalya Gets 20 Traffic Fines in Istanbul He Didn’t Go


A citizen named Hüseyin Şallı, who lives in Antalya, learned that he had received 20 different traffic tickets in Istanbul, which he had never been to. The citizen, who seems to have fallen victim to the twin plate method, says he does not understand how this happened and feels strange.

We hear from time to time”he got a traffic ticket from a place he never went” a new one has been added to the news. He lives in Antalya and is engaged in farming. Huseyin Salli A citizen named got 20 traffic tickets even though he had never been to Istanbul in any way. Shawl, “clone vehicleIt looks like it was damaged by the ” method.

07 SU 545 The farmer, who owns a Tofaş with license plate, has received 20 traffic ticket notifications within 3 months. These are generally connected to toll highways. penalized entry The citizen, who stated that it was caused by the problem, has applied to the prosecutor’s office for the cancellation of the penalties. The citizen, who made statements about the problem he experienced, you feel weird says.

Screenshot showing some of the incoming penalties

Traffic penalty

The unfortunate citizen, who said that he had never been to Istanbul and did not understand how the punishments came, went through the roads he did not pass. looks like the past states. Expressing that he has never been outside of Antalya with his 07 SU 545 plate Tofaş, the farmer explained why such a thing happened. can’t make sense. As we just mentioned, Hüseyin Şallı seems to have fallen victim to the clone vehicle method. So what is this method and how does it work?


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This method, also known as twin plate, is a method where the license plate of a vehicle is the same as the type of that vehicle. to another vehicle It means it is installed illegally. If we explain the incident experienced by the citizen of Antalya; A white Tofaş owner, who lives in Istanbul, puts the license plate 07 SU 545 on his vehicle and drives around. The vehicle is real in terms of color and design, in terms of license plate fake The punishments are not going to the person who should go, but to the farmer in Antalya. Unfortunately, such incidents have been on the rise in recent years.

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