Man Selling Fake Coronavirus Test Kit Arrested

While the coronavirus epidemic continues to affect the world, this time, news about fake test sales started to come. A man in Birmingham, England was arrested for selling over 500 fake diagnostic kits online.

The coronavirus epidemic, which affected the world and deeply shook many countries, is being taken under control, right after its appearance in China at the end of last year. epidemic measures for which Turkey is among the last countries to join the normalization process to loosen Although started, the risk is not completely over yet. Both experts and authorities are concerned with the virus. second wave to ensure that the citizens are constantly alerted and to adapt to the new life, the officials continue their work at full speed.

In addition to the prohibitions and precautions related to the virus epidemic, the methods of diagnosis and treatment have been talked about a lot since the first day. While rapid test kits that enable virus detection are very critical, there is no fraud news about these kits. International Crime Agency (NCA) According to new information reported by a man in Birmingham, UK, a man was arrested for selling more than 500 fake coronavirus diagnostic kits online.

Test kits were sent to different locations:


The 38-year-old man, who is said to have been detained under the ‘Fraud Act’ on Tuesday, reportedly supplied counterfeit kits to people in the United States as well as Britain. It was also reported that some of the suspicious tests were sold on illegal networks on the Internet. NCA officials also announced that the arrested man had illegal substances in his home. In addition, a different person who is said to be 36 years old on the crook It has been added in search of the link.


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NCA officials said that this should be noted by malicious people who want to take advantage of the public’s fear of the epidemic, and intimidated potential fraudsters. The authorities also koronavirüsl to They said they were investigating a series of cases about the sale of related counterfeit goods, and that they were working to protect the public. leery warned them to be.

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