Mansur Yavaş Announced ‘Taste Ankara’

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced the ‘Taste Ankara’ project, which will support businesses that are going through a difficult time due to the pandemic. As the name suggests, in Lezzet Ankara, which is a food platform, businesses will be able to make sales within Ankara with 0 percent commission.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, A food ordering platform that will contribute to business owners who cannot accept customers at the venue for a long time due to the coronavirus pandemic and who are going through a difficult economic period.Flavor Ankara” announced.

Lezzet Ankara, which has a structure similar to Yemeksepeti, can only be used in Ankara. of businesses free on the platform where one can register in a way, commission rate is 0% as it works. In other words, businesses do not have to pay any share to the platform in the sales made.

Mansur Yavaş shared:

Announcing the platform on his Twitter account, Mansur Yavaş made the following statements in his post:

“In order to protect the sweat of our shopkeepers, there is “Lezzet Ankara” with 0% commission.

We are excited to bring our portal to you after our businesses enter their menus into the system.”

Response to Lezzet Ankara project from Yemeksepeti CEO:

Nevzat Aydın, CEO of Yemeksepeti, commented on Lezzet Ankara, which will rival its own platform in Ankara. Responding to Mansur Yavaş’s post on his Twitter account, Aydın said, “I am a first president in the world. Competition is a good thing. We Love You”.


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Businesses that want to sell through Lezzet Ankara can register after going to the relevant website and filling out the necessary information and registration form.