Mario strikes back at auction: Super Mario 64 is almost twice as expensive as Zelda


Just a few days ago, the game “The Legend of Zelda” for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) became the most expensive video game to date, but this record did not last long. A sealed version of the game “Super Mario 64” for the Nintendo 64 game console (N64) has now been auctioned for 1.56 million US dollars (approx. 1.314 million euros) at Heritage Auctions.

With this price, the Mario game achieved almost double the rare Zelda version, which brought in proceeds of 870,000 dollars (approx. 730,000 euros). The early production copy of the first game in the Zelda series achieved its rarity value because it was only produced for a few months at the end of 1987 before it was finally replaced in series production in early 1988 by a “REV-A” version.

The now auctioned version of the “Super Mario 64” for N64, however, benefited from the extremely high Wata rating. While the Zelda game is only rated “Wata 9.0 A”, the reviewers of old video games rated the affected version of the Mario game as “Wata 9.8 A ++”. According to Heritage Auctions, it is the am highest rated edition of this classic game and best-selling game for the N64 system.

Wata Games rates old video games based on the condition of the box, the enclosed documents and the game itself and rates it on a scale with a maximum of 10 points. With “Wata 9.8 A ++”, the now 25-year-old N64 game about the Italian system mechanic for sanitary technology is practically untouched and almost perfectly preserved.


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