Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Placed on Mars Surface


The Ingenuity, part of NASA’s Mars mission and the first vehicle to take off on another planet, has been placed on the surface of the red planet. The helicopter had been under the Perseverance vehicle for months.

NASA has long been preparing for its historic helicopter mission on the Martian surface. To be used for the first helicopter take-off on another planet. Ingenuity named vehicle, Perseverance was sent to the red planet with.

Placed on the planetary surface, the vehicle will take off using two propellers rotating in opposite directions. Continuing work related to the task NASAalso shared images of the vehicle on the planetary surface.

On its own feet after 471 million kilometers


The distance this small helicopter has traveled since its journey began 471 million from kilometer much. The helicopter, which has been integrated with Perseverance all this time, stands on its own feet for the first time.

In the last part of the journey, the vehicle, which travels only 10 centimeters from the center of the Mars vehicle to the planetary surface, is now at the final stage. Ingenuity weighs about 1.5 kilograms and it gets the energy it needs for flight from solar energy.


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NASA engineers worked specifically for this small helicopter. Of the planet weak atmosphere and cold nights because it has different features than the vehicles we know. According to NASA’s statement, the reason the vehicle has not left Perseverance so far is to take advantage of the heat provided by the surface vehicle’s nuclear core.

It will air in a week



NASA Announces Flight Route of Helicopter Ingenuity on Mars

The interior parts of the vehicle whose internal heating systems have been activated at the moment, not enough to let it freeze even though it can get warm. Thus, the internal equipment and circuits of the vehicle are not damaged during the extremely cold Mars nights.

According to NASA’s plans, Ingeuity’s first flight will take place on April 11th. The results to be obtained in the tests are Will reach Earth on April 12. The total cost of this mission was announced as 85 million dollars.

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