Masks in Schools Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 by 3.5 Times

With the introduction of face-to-face education, there has been an increase in COVID-19 cases worldwide. American researchers also examined the impact of wearing masks in schools on the risk of spreading COVID-19. Research has revealed the benefit of masks in schools.

In the United States, a group of researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that wearing masks in schools has helped prevent the COVID-19 virus. risk of spreading examined the effect.

The researchers examined over a 1.5-month period in 210 schools where mask-wearing is mandatory and 480 schools that are not. In this process, they examined the cases of COVID-19 in all schools. 87.5% of infected students mask not required It was determined that he was educated in schools. The researchers also took into account the size of the school, the measures taken, and other factors. As a result of the study, the COVID-19 epidemic in schools where masks are not required getting caught according to schools with mask requirement. 3.5 times more turned out to be.

With the opening of schools, cases have also increased in the USA:


Concerned Statement About the Number of Positive Cases in Children After School Opening

CDC researchers conducted a pediatric COVID-19 review covering 520 counties across the United States. The rate of COVID-19 cases in children in the weeks before and after the start of face-to-face education was examined. COVID-19 cases in general after schools reopen increase seen. More than 100,000 children per day after the opening of schools in districts where masks are required. 16.32’i caught the coronavirus. In districts where it is not compulsory to wear masks at school, 34.85 child cases.

For those eligible in the fight against COVID-19 vaccination, social distancing, quarantine, testing and of course your hygiene next to the most important tool mask is known to be. Public health professionals keep children, teachers and other staff in common areas. basic precautions warns against buying.

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