Media report: Planned digital EU vaccination passport apparently not forgery-proof


According to a media report, the planned EU-wide digital proof of vaccination against the COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus can be forged without any problems. According to plans by the Federal Ministry of Health, vaccinated persons should be able to have the evidence from their conventional, ‘yellow’ vaccination passport transferred to the new, digital EU vaccination card in a doctor’s office, pharmacy or a vaccination center without any problems – i.e. without verification. However, because the ‘analog’ proof in the previous vaccination book could be falsified with manageable effort, the digital EU certificate based on it is also susceptible to falsification, writes the World on sunday.

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health is said to have admitted to the newspaper that such a security gap exists in the digitization of the evidence. Therefore, “special caution is required” when checking the conventional vaccination books – and this applies in particular when “the information is transferred to a digital vaccination record”, quotes the world the Ministry (behind paywall).

We are currently working at full speed on the digital proof of vaccination, the so-called “green certificate”. The technology should be ready for use on May 7th and the first tests should begin on May 10th, during which the respective national IT infrastructures will be connected to a central gateway. The official start is planned for June 1st.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had announced that the digital vaccination certificate would be made available as soon as possible. It should be ready for use in “the second half of the second quarter”. The Infection Protection Act should also be amended accordingly. The uncomplicated digital proof of an effective vaccination against COVID-19 rests not least of all on high hopes of returning to normal public life quickly and, for example, taking part in events to which vaccinated persons are given access via digital proof.

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) sees responsibility for the uncovered security gap at the Federal Ministry of Health, writes the World on sunday further. Its spokesman Matthias Marx announced that the entry in the yellow vaccination book was completely lacking protection against counterfeiting. This could have been solved better, for example with hologram stickers or embossed paper – at least “with materials that not everyone can click together on Amazon”, quoted the newspaper Marx.


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