Medica: The digital supply can come


With the Digital Supply Act (DVG), a catalog of measures was adopted, which should bring momentum in the digitization of medicine, especially on the part of the insured to be supplied. Three stages of the Medica in Dusseldorf dealt with future health applications that the doctor can prescribe and pay the health insurance.

One of the stages was sponsored by the Techniker Krankenkasse, which vigorously promoted their patient file TK-Safe. Jens Baas, Chief Technology Officer, welcomed over a quarter of a million users who have already signed up to use TK-Safe. According to his statements, 500 TK insured persons register for the digital data collection every day, not only app enthusiasts, but above all men at the age of 40 years. The midlife crisis is joined by the health record.

Probably the most frequently mentioned app, which can be prescribed by the doctor in the future, is the blood sugar diary. The app can take readings via Bluetooth from gauges or query via NFC a body-mounted sensor. Such systems are now called "Awareables" in English, because they are worn on the body, alerting the wearer to his state of health, or training him to respect certain values.

The distinction between medical device and a smartwatch with pedometer, heart rate monitor and fitness animator is not easy. An example is the headset, presented the Vitascale at the Medica, It measures expiratory oxygen, tidal volume and heart rate and is used by athletes during training. As a medical device, it would be useful for spiroergometry, the performance measurement via respiratory analysis. So far, masks with mouthpieces and bulky measuring devices have been used.

But there was also criticism of the plans for digital supply under the Digital Supply Act. It came on the forum of the technician health insurance and was expressed by Doris Pfeiffer, the chairman of the board of the GKV top federation, thus the federation of all legal health insurance companies.

Things like a digital blood glucose diary are nice and good, but also nothing more than a business promotion of the IT industry and their start-ups. "If the state wants to do that, it should take taxpayer money and not dictate that we pay for such things with funds that are urgently needed to care for ill insured persons."


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