Meizu Flyme 8 – Specifications


The new Android-based interface Flyme 8, developed for Meizu's users, is officially released. It took 491 days for the development of the new interface, where almost every aspect of Flyme 7 was changed.

The open source structure of Google's Android operating system offers great advantages for smartphone manufacturers. Manufacturers who take advantage of this structure of Android, have the opportunity to customize their own Android interface to create their own interfaces and thus offer custom interfaces to customers. This is also highly welcomed by customers.

Meizu, a Chinese technology manufacturer, is one of the companies that makes its own interface available to customers. The company has now updated its "Flyme" interface and shared all the features of Flyme 8 with the public. Let's take a closer look at the features of Flyme 8 without further ado.

flyme 8

Meizu has been working on its new interface for a long time to give its users a better user experience. According to the first impressions, these works seem to have reciprocated. The reason for this is that the Flyme 8 is almost completely renovated.

The Flyme 8 features a design concept called "Alive Design". This concept is predominantly white. The new design of Flyme 8 comes with a new grid system that allows you to adjust font size, pitch and line spacing. The new design also supports dark mode for applications such as weather. And the new design adds new effects to almost every point of the interface.

One of the innovations that Meizu has made to the visuals of Flyme 8 is animations. According to the announcement, Flyme 8 has more than 300 new animations and more than 1,000 new design content.

New icon pack compatible with third-party applications

The overall look of Flyme 8 is not limited to these. The company also introduces a new application icon package with Flyme 8, which uses more dynamic colors. The icon package introduced with Flyme 8 adds some more delicate effects to application icons and is more user-friendly. Moreover, this icon pack can be adapted for third party applications.

flyme 8

Aicy Assistant support

Perhaps the most effective innovation of Flyme 8 is the voice assistant service. This service, called "Aicy Assistant", has been developed to serve users just like Google and Apple's voice assistants. This feature in particular users; make calls, messaging and shopping through Aicy Assistant. Although Meizu's new voice assistant can recognize more than 20 content for now, it seems that the functionality of this service will be increased in the future.

A faster Flyme

Meizu does not ignore the performance improvements, Flyme 8'le seems to have significantly increased phone speeds. With 263 new optimizations, the Flyme 8 boosts the phone's cold performance by up to 37 percent. In addition, Flyme 8 offers faster read / write performance and touch performance is slightly faster.


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In addition, Flyme 8 offers users a new augmented reality service that has been developed to create more fun content and is highly functional, especially for the face area. In addition, Meizu's game mode for users has also been improved, which now improves the gaming experience, both by blocking calls and performing better in dark colors.

Meizu, who does not want to compromise on security besides all these innovations, has considered the control of the parents especially with Flyme 8. With Flyme 8, parents can set an application limit for their children and set a specific "Safe Zone" for their location via GPS.

Meizu's new interface, Flyme 8, can be used on a total of 27 phone models. When it comes to November and December, Flyme 8 will be distributed in zones for all supported models.