Melting Icebergs Could Trigger A New Ice Age


According to a study conducted at Cardiff University, icebergs that started to melt due to increasing temperatures may be one of the factors that trigger a new ice age on Earth.

The periods when the temperature is relatively cold globally and the ice sheets spread over large areas of the Earth are called the ice age. Throughout world history 5 different ice ages happened and the ice age, which started about 3 million years ago, is still in effect.

Scientists working at Cardiff University started a research to predict how the ice age began. As a result of the investigations, melting of ice mountains in Antarctica with global warming, Regarding a new ice age in the world It was observed that it could be a trigger.

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are closely related to the ice age


The researchers found that the glaciers in Antarctica began to melt when the Earth was in full orbit around the Sun. That the Southern Ocean is getting saltier states. Ocean models that are beginning to change to pull more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere starting.

This change on Earth reduces the greenhouse effect The scientists say that the conditions are driving the Earth into the ice age. Ian Hall of Cardiff University; “Thanks to our research, we have observed how Antarctica and the Southern Ocean respond naturally to our orbit around the Sun” made statements.


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Aidan Starr, another important name in the study, said the following on the subject; “It is already known that Antarctica and the Southern Ocean have a major influence on the global climate, but it is really exciting to discover that this relationship has been so influential over the past 1.6 million years.”