Mercedes Announces The Date It Will Switch To Electric Vehicle Production


German auto giant Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will invest $ 40 billion in electric car production. The manufacturer also announced the date when its facilities will switch to fully electric vehicle production.

Although not widespread in our country, electric vehicles attracts great attention all over the world. The increase in electric vehicles in traffic brings with it the increase of charging stations. It probably takes at least 10 years for this development, which is like a domino, to reach a significant point.

German automobile giant Mercedes-Daimler, which does not lag behind the trend, will continue to work on electric car research and development (R&D) between 2022-2030. 40 billion euro investment announced that it will. At the end of the specified period, the manufacturer will give the electric car industry full pass will make. Mercedes has not given any date for the end of fossil fuel vehicle sales.

By 2025 all Mercedes will be electric or hybrid

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In a statement made by the company management on Thursday, together with other companies with which it cooperates, 8 different battery production facilities will be established and by 2025, all vehicles produced by Mercedes will be 100 percent electric or hybrid will be announced.

Mercedes Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ola Kallenius stated that the discussions about when to switch to 100 percent electric vehicle production are unnecessary.The main issue is the process associated with the production of electric vehicles. Currently this process We are focused on accelerating” said.


Mercedes’ New G-Class That Looks Like an ‘Electric Tank’ Could Be Unveiled in September

In the past weeks, the European Union (EU) Commission has announced that until 2035 within the borders of the continent. prohibit the use of diesel and gasoline vehicles had explained. It was noteworthy that Mercedes-Daimler’s announcement came on top of this statement.

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