Mercedes-Benz Introduces New T-Class Car

German car giant Mercedes Benz introduced its new T-Class car, which appeals to both individual and commercial use. Although the photos of the new car are not shared, a photo showing the lines of the car has been shared.

German car giant Mercedes-Benzhas a new car today T-Class Was introduced. The new Mercedes-Benz T-Class will meet its users in the future as a car targeting both individual and commercial users. The new series, however,Besides being designed for the needs of large families, it is a friend suitable for active life lovers.‘was defined.

Mercedes-Benz’s new series will fully meet the value to be found on the price tag with the services it offers. In addition, Mercedes-Benz, which has started to gain momentum in the electric car industry, both internal combustion and electric engine will be released with versions.

Mercedes-Benz’s new car: T-Class:

mercedes benz

Mercedes-Benz T-Class, which will meet those who want a wide car in the first half of 2022, according to Marcus Breitscwerdt, the manager of Mercedes-Benz Van. users who prefer attractive and compact models it will be the center of attention. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz T-Class will embrace families and active enthusiasts who want to step into the world of Mercedes-Benz.

Expressing the new series of Mercedes-Benz, the letter T represents efficient field use concepts in the company. Daimler Group Design Officer, although we currently only have a promotional photo about the new series Gorden wagenergave a glimpse of what we can expect from the new series in its description:


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We managed to combine functionality and passion with the architecture and design of the new T-Class. With our unique design approach ‘Emotional Purity’, we offer a very special tool in the new T-Class with its design, body proportions and added value. “

Mercedes-Benz Citan viewed:


Besides the new Mercedes-Benz T-Class, there is good news for Citan fans from the German manufacturer. Citan, who was criticized for being similar to Renault Kangoo, according to the company’s statement recognizable at first glance will be turned into a Mercedes-Benz model.