Merging ID Cards and Drivers License Process Begins

According to the statement made by the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, the project that will enable the combination of driver’s license information with chip ID cards begins this Friday. In addition, 112 Emergency Call Centers will be valid for 81 provinces in 2021.

Ministry of Interior, driving license information with chip ID cards announced that the merger will begin on Friday. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who participated in the online opening organized for the project “The Future Will Be Shaped at Home” by the Aksaray Young Inventors Science and Art Association, said that the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs serves 35 million citizens a year, and the driving license and passport services previously provided in the police headquarters He reminded that he was attached to the population administrations.

Saying that their identity cards also changed in this process NobleHe said that the project will take the process one step further and merge driver’s license information with chip ID cards will begin on Friday. Soylu’s entire statement on the subject is as follows:

As of Friday, we start it if Allah grants it. We load the driver’s license into our identity. In other words, our citizens will no longer have to carry both their driver’s license and identity. Our police officers will not say ‘if you do not have a license, I will write you a penalty’ while checking. We won’t have many cards in our pocket anymore. If we can, we will put e-signature, bank cards, SSI and health information into it. We have high capability to provide a card with fingerprints and biometric pictures. “

112 Emergency Calls will unite in 81 provinces

Saying that the 112 Emergency Call service, which is currently successfully implemented in 45 provinces, will expand to 81 in 2021, Soylu said that the system will work with local software and artificial intelligence He said that thanks to him, the relevant units would be contacted instantly. Within the scope of this project, emergency aids such as ambulance, police, fire brigade will be available from a single number.


New Identity Cards Will Soon Be Used As Driver’s License And Debit Cards

Via the e-Government system now 435 services Soylu stated that the Ministry of Internal Affairs had previously requested 2857 documents from citizens for various transactions, but as a result of 3 years of work, 2020 of these documents are no longer requested. Soylu said that they continue to work to transfer other documents to the e-Government.

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