Messaging with obstacles: Android boss wants RCS support from Apple


With the hope of broader support for the communication standard RCS (Rich Communication Service), Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer has issued an “open invitation” to Apple. Google is happy to help with the integration of RCS into the news app on iPhones, because group chats do not have to “break in this way,” wrote Lockheimer in relation to US professional golfers who jokingly complained about a team colleague without an iPhone because of this Problems with group chat. After all, there is a “Really Clear Solution” for this, says the Google manager, referring to RCS.

Google would like to establish the communication standard RCS (Rich Communication Service), which has long been unsuccessfully promoted by network operators, as the successor to SMS, it is already integrated in Google Messenger. Cross-platform communication with iPhone users is not easily possible: Apple’s messaging app still supports SMS / MMS, but not RCS. Apple’s in-house crypto messaging service iMessage is again not available on Android.

iMessage for Android was discussed internally at Apple years ago, but was ultimately rejected – the compatibility would “do more harm than good” to Apple, according to internal correspondence from Apple managers. It remains unclear whether the project was started again later.

In the “Messages” app preinstalled on iPhones, SMS messages are displayed in a green speech bubble, while iMessages are blue. This makes it easy to see which chat partner does not have an iPhone. In addition, iMessage group chats do not simply work with Android users, you first have to switch to an SMS group chat, which then lacks various iMessage functions. So far, Apple has never commented on possible support for RCS.

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