MHRS Intensity Experienced in the Recent Period


It is very difficult to find an appointment through the ‘Central Physician Appointment System’ and ‘Alo 182’ due to the density experienced in public hospitals all over the country, especially in Istanbul.

Especially in recent times, patients are informed via MHRS and Alo 182, which the Ministry of Health launched in 2011. not getting an appointment complainant.

In some outpatient clinics months later Citizens stating that appointments can be made express their complaints on platforms such as Twitter, Ekşi Sözlük,

There are thousands of complaints written by those who talk about the problem on these platforms. Some of the complaints in Ekşi Sözlük are as follows:

sour mhrs

sour appointment

Many complaints can be seen on Twitter under the accounts of the Minister of Health and MHRS:

twitter mhrs

tweet mhrs

There are thousands of complaints on as well. The MHRS satisfaction score of 1.8 shows the gravity of the situation.

there is a complaint mhrs

Some of the complaints:

there is a complaint

We also tried to make an appointment with MHRS and saw that some outpatient clinics could make an appointment for the next day, but…

mrs webtechno

For some polyclinics, we saw that it can be taken 9 days later at the earliest, and for a hospital in Manisa – although we are in İzmir.

appointment system

Why the system is so intense, Istanbul Medical Chamber President Prof. Dr. Pınar Saip explains:

mhrs problem

“According to the data of the Ministry of Health, while the number of applications to a physician per person in our country was 3.1 in 2002, it decreased in 2017. It has increased to 8.9. Applications to public hospitals in the last 15 years increased by 220 percent, There is an increase of 340 percent in university hospitals and 1150 percent in private hospitals.

Since there are not enough physicians, health workers and hospitals to meet these numbers in the public sector, expectations are not expected. has become unaffordable. A physician working in a state hospital sees 100-120 patients a day. However, a physician can only spend 15-20 minutes per day for the patient. 20-30 patients can be treated.

The current appointment system has been made to give appointments to 3 patients at the same time every 10 minutes. health system and The appointment system is clogged. Another indicator is the number of patients admitted to the emergency department. The number of emergency applications in our country of 80 million 110 million a year.”

prof. Dr. Saip is of the opinion that the problem can be corrected with the referral system from family physicians.

mhrs family doctor

“The solution is to reduce admissions to hospitals by strengthening primary care preventive health services. By providing the chain of delivery to direct patients in need to hospitals, to abandon the performance system that increases unnecessary examinations and interventions. When our current capacity is properly evaluated, it is a long time for real patients. patient appointments can be avoided.”

To summarize the situation, it is clear that this problem is occurring due to one or more of the following reasons.

  • The MHRS system is bad.
  • The number of healthcare workers is insufficient.
  • The number of hospitals is insufficient.
  • There are many people who go to the hospital unnecessarily.
  • Those who don’t make an appointment cause congestion.
  • Turkish people get sick a lot due to economic and social conditions.
  • The health system is struggling because citizens are not conscious about taking care of their health.

So what do you think about this subject?

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