Mi Pad 5 Model Announced With A ‘Pro’ Version


Xiami, who postponed the release of the new generation of the Mi Pad series with a sudden decision, returned to tablet business. Announcing the Mi Pad 5 series with a ‘Pro’ version today, the company also informed the consumer about the technical features of the devices.

Thanks to the quarantine process required by the pandemic, tablets once again gained an important place in the lives of consumers. People who embraced tablets like many technological tools in order not to be bored at home pushed companies that had given up on producing tablets to return to this field. Xiaomi, one of these companies, recently announced the next tablet model.

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi postponed the new model to the Mi Pad series due to low demand. However, the company, inspired by the movements in the tablet industry, today It announced the tablet to consumers in 2 different versions of the 5th generation. The technical specifications of the 2 versions of Mi Pad 5, each of which will come with a pen, were also shared with the public with this announcement.

Xiaomi has made a solid return to tablets:

Tablets of the new generation of the series did not experience a change in the concept. Each member of the Mi Pad 5 generation will be available as affordable devices that will act as a portable computer in areas such as work, education and gaming, like the older models. These tablets will be able to do many tasks properly and replace laptops. The most important differences revealed by the new generation are battery life, charging time, camera and case will be in the field. Let’s examine the features of both versions of the new model in detail.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

xiaomi mi pad 5

The 11-inch screen of Mi Pad 5, the main model of the 5th generation of the series, will provide 2560×1600 resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate. Snapdragon 860 The device, which will take orders from the chipset, will come with 6 GB memory as well as 128 GB and 256 GB internal storage options. Mi Pad 5, which will carry a battery with a capacity of 8720 mAh, will fill this battery with 33 W fast charging. As for the cameras of the device, there will be 2 sensors of 13 MP and 8 MP in the rear camera setup. The front camera will be 8 MP resolution.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Pro

my pad 5 pro


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Screen size, resolution and refresh rate of the ‘Pro’ version of the model; will be the same as those of the main version. The internal storage of the version, which offers 6 GB as well as 8 GB memory options, will be in the form of 128 GB and 256 GB, like the other model. Mi Pad 5 Pro, whose battery will be slightly lower, will be powered by an 8600 mAh battery. As the main camera next to the rear camera sensors on the other model A 50MP sensor The version that will increase the image quality by adding more will take orders from the Snapdragon 870 chipset. The front camera resolution will be 8 MP as in the other model.


Mi Pad 5

6GB RAM, 128GB storage: $308

6GB RAM, 256GB storage: $355

Mi Pad 5 Pro

6GB RAM, 128GB storage: $385

6GB RAM, 256GB storage: $433

8GB RAM, 256GB storage: $540

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