Microsoft Edge Legacy Loses Official Microsoft Support

Technology giant Microsoft announced that the support of the EdgeHTML-based internet browser Microsoft Edge Legacy has ended today. The company also made a warning for those using the kiosk mode of the internet browser.

Having difficulties in addressing users with internet browsers for years Microsoftrecently managed to turn this bad reputation into good. Chromium-based is what paved the way for the company to do this. Microsoft Edge was the browser. Launched over a year ago, Microsoft Edge is used on millions of devices today.

So what happened to the Chromium-based version of Edge before Microsoft Edge? Based on EdgeHTML which is and until today Microsoft Edge Legacy That browser, which can be used as a device, has now completed its life cycle. Microsoft launched Edge Legacy support last August. Will end on March 9 had explained. That day, today.

Microsoft Edge Legacy said goodbye to everyone:

microsoft edge legacy

In a blog post shared today, Microsoft that your support has ended explained. Internet browser, from now on will not receive any security updates. However, the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop app will be deleted from devices and will be replaced by the modern Microsoft Edge browser. This displacement is April Windows 10 update by loading it will be.

Microsoft Edge Legacy’de yer alan ‘kiosk’ mode users were warned by the company. In order to avoid any interruptions in the service and to use the kiosk mode, Microsoft has to install the new Microsoft Edge and kiosk mode April should be set before installing Windows 10 update explained.


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If users did not set the kiosk mode before updating They may experience disruption in service specified. Company, to this link He explained how to set up kiosk mode in the modern Microsoft Edge browser in the blog post, which you can reach by clicking.

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