Microsoft is increasing profits and revenues thanks to the cloud boom and office services


The ongoing boom in the cloud business brought the software giant Microsoft once again strong business growth in the most recent quarter. In the three months to the end of June, revenues climbed 21 percent year-on-year to $ 46.2 billion (39.1 billion euros). The net profit even increased by 47 percent to 16.5 billion dollars. This clearly exceeded the expectations of Wall Street analysts.

Microsoft could once again rely on its lucrative cloud services. The Azure platform, which offers IT services and storage space in the network to numerous other companies and apps, increased sales by a surprisingly strong 51 percentas the group announced on Tuesday after the US stock market closed in Redmond.

The PC division, which includes Windows software as well as hardware products such as the Xbox game console and Surface tablets and notebooks, grew by 9 percent to $ 14.1 billion. But this is due to the new Xbox series, because Surface sales fell by 20 percent in the past quarter. Microsoft justifies this with delivery bottlenecks and previous strong quarters in this business area.

Gaming revenue rose 11 percent as the Xbox Series X / S game consoles launched late last year continued to sell well. Here hardware sales increased 172 percent, but the services and content business fell 4 percent. Microsoft also points to more subscribers to its Xbox Game Pass, but hasn’t released any new numbers since the beginning of this year. Noisy The Verge it was then 18 million subscribers.

Software and cloud computing remain the pillars at Microsoft. Office products were able to generate 20 percent more income. The number of Microsoft 365 subscribers has increased by 22 percent compared to last year – to 51.9 million users. Total cloud sales recently grew by 30 percent to now $ 17.4 billion. At 37 percent, that’s the largest part of Microsoft’s total revenue.

The social business network LinkedIn is also growing and achieved 46 percent more sales than last year thanks to higher advertising income. According to Microsoft, users spend 30 percent more time on LinkedIn than before. In addition, Microsoft search engine advertising revenue increased 53 percent.

Since the last three months are the last quarter of its fiscal year 2021, Microsoft also presented figures for the full year. The group increased its sales here by 18 percent to $ 168.1 billion. Operating income rose 32 percent to $ 69.9 billion. The bottom line was that Microsoft posted a net profit of 61.3 billion dollars – 38 percent more than in the previous year.

Although the numbers were better than expected, the share initially reacted with significant price losses after the trading day. In the meantime, however, it has recovered somewhat and is roughly at the level of yesterday. (with material from dpa) /


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