Microsoft Mesh: Kollaborationssoftware mit Mixed Reality

With Microsoft Mesh, people dive into virtual worlds – this is how the company envisions the future of work. Employees can come together as avatars from anywhere in the world. While in practice the exchange and learning are more likely to be in the foreground, Microsoft shows what is possible at the in-house fair Ignite. They even invited James Cameron, director of the 3D film “Avatar”.

Microsoft introduces Mesh for Mixed Reality

(What: Microsoft)

People can also appear as holoportations on Mesh. A new 3D technology is used for this, it also says in Microsoft’s blog post. Cameron and Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman could be seen as such on the livestream. The spectators sit as avatars in rows of spectators – provided they are registered and have the appropriate equipment at home.

Microsoft has been working on the development of the new platform for years, it continues. Mesh is based on Azure. All security precautions that apply to the cloud service should therefore also apply to mesh. Since all holographic content is in the cloud, it is not absolutely necessary to have suitable glasses to see them – they are transmitted.

Microsoft envisions medical students who can come together remotely and get to know the anatomy of a body on a holographic model or engineers who learn how cars work as possible applications.

In the coming months, the developers will initially have tools for building the avatars, sessions, management and more. According to Microsoft, Mesh works for the HoloLens 2, several VR headsets, smartphones, tablets and PCs. Two apps have already been announced at Ignite: One for the HoloLens directly and a new version of AltspaceVR, a social network in VR. Conferences can then be held there for companies. It is assumed that numerous apps with integrated mesh from external developers will follow.


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