Microsoft Promotes Pirate Nintendo Games

In a recent post from Microsoft Edge’s official Twitter account, there were ‘nostalgic games’ that users can download via Microsoft Edge Add-ons. However, it turned out that these products that Microsoft promoted and suggested were ‘pirated games’. Microsoft Edge account removed the sharing.

In the Edge browser, which Microsoft has included in our lives with Windows 10, as in all other browsers, add-on store has. Users can add any themes, games and applications to their browsers through this plug-in store.

Recently From Microsoft Edge’s official Twitter account users can obtain via their browsers’fun nostalgic games A post containing However, the games such as Pac-Man, Tetris and Mario Kart mentioned in this post are independent from the companies that actually own the games such as Nintendo, without copyright permission. by pirated developers It turned out that it was added to the store.

Microsoft Edge removed the mentioned post from its Twitter account:

Microsoft Edge Twitter

Various news websites after sharing on Twitter using this share as a resource prepared news on the subject, just as Microsoft suggested, they told their readers about these suggestions. However, when it was understood that these games are illegal games that violate copyright, the issue came up again.

After the news of Microsfoft, some of the games Removed from Microsoft Edge Add-ons store is known, but it is still possible to reach similar games when relevant searches are made according to the sources.


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The striking point about the subject is that none of these games Not available in the Chrome web store. This shows that Microsoft is not scrutinizing enough and that there are problems with the extension store. Those who download the games from the add-on store are warned to remove them. Because besides being illegal, such plugins to malware It is thought that it may also be hosting.

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