Microsoft Released Update 8.68 for Skype

Technology giant Microsoft has made innovations that will increase performance on both mobile and desktop while releasing Skype’s 8.68 update.

Microsoft, one of the biggest in the software industry, Microsoft Teams After the effort it put into its app, it was thought that Skype’s shoes would be taken off. The company made a statement, Skype’tan He had stated that he had no plans to give up.

Some features of Skype are also recently Windows 10was added to the standard features. Meet Now Thanks to features such as Windows 10, users with the operating system could make voice or video calls without creating any membership.

What changed with Skype 8.68?


New version of SkypeIncludes an updated reaction tool. Thus, Microsoft now makes it possible to see more reactions on the same screen. So that the application colored It also provides an appearance.

Also in general both desktop him the car many bugs have been fixed for the version and many a smoother use It also stands out. Background support, which makes it possible to blur the background in video calls, is also available in this version.


Microsoft Announces ‘Skype Enhanced for Windows 10’

Announcing the new update, Microsoft to all users He stated that it may take a few days to reach it. So if the new features are not currently in your app, you don’t have to worry. You will be able to get the new version in a few days.

Skype issues are fixed



Microsoft Vouchers Renewed Skype for Business to Teams

Skype 8.68 With the application, many problems of the application are solved. At the beginning of these is the problem of losing or cutting the sound in voicemails, which can be annoying. also macOS We also see improvements in the virtual camera for

Another development that will make people happy to use Skype on Apple devices is now. iPhone and iPad users of Skype to the dark tone to have access. With this update, Microsoft will have made significant performance improvements for Skype on both Android and iOS.

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