Microsoft to Produce Training Modules for the US Army

According to a report served by CNBC, Microsoft will supply HoloLens-based special equipment for the US military. It is stated that the agreement, which is mentioned about 120 thousand products, will earn Microsoft $ 21.88 billion in the next 10 years. Microsoft and the US military approved the cooperation.

US-based technology giant Microsoft has been in contact with the US military for a long time. The company, which carries out important studies especially on the training of US soldiers, made a final statement. a new deal announced that it was signed. According to the information obtained, Microsoft, within the scope of this cooperation, in the next 10 years, 21.88 billion dollars can earn money.

According to a report served by CNBC, Microsoft is for the US military 120 thousand pieces of equipment will provide. These HoloLens-based equipment are high-resolution imaging for soldiers, night and thermal cameras, and special sensors will contain. These equipment are expected to be used in the training of US soldiers.

Statement came from the US military

US military with Microsoft

U.S. military officials, who made statements on the subject, said that the equipment to be provided by Microsoft augmented and mixed reality He announced that he would also offer support. However, the officials stated that a special machine learning technique was used in the equipment, so that the soldiers fighting on the front line in war conditions were that you can do education says.


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Alex Kipman, one of Microsoft’s HoloLens unit manager, said he wanted to keep in close contact with Microsoft’s US military. that you will continue says. Stating that they will provide the best experience for special units that will provide defense of the country with the work done, Kipman said, lead what they do stated.

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