Midnight Photos in Netflix Series Pera Palas


Famous actress Hazal Kaya announced that the shooting of Midnight in the Netflix series Pera Palas, in which she starred, has been completed. Sharing photos from her Instagram account, Kaya allowed us to take a look at the series.

The world’s most popular online series and movie platform Netflixwill appear with a brand new Turkish TV series in the near future. “Midnight at Pera PalaceThis TV series, “”, seems to be talked about a lot because it will tell about Istanbul in 1919. Now, the leading actor of the series is Hazal Kaya, with a post from his Instagram account, the upcoming series filming is complete announced.

Midnight at the Pera Palace is a part of Charles King’s novel of the same name. adaptation. Nisan Dağ is in the director’s chair of the project, which was written by Elif Usman. By Hazal Kaya from her Instagram account his posts shed light on how the series will look in general.

Here are the photos shared from the set of Midnight at Pera Palas

Midnight at Pera Palace

Midnight at Pera Palace actually focuses on the story of a journalist named Esra. Assigned to write a news article about Pera Palas Hotel Esratowards Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the later period. one of the conspiracy will fall into it. However, meeting with Halit, the boss of a club in Istanbul, many things in your life will lead to a different interpretation.

Midnight at Pera Palace

Netflix’s upcoming Turkish series, alongside Hazal Kaya Tansu Bicer, Selahattin Paşalı, Yasemin Szawlowski and James Chalmers will appear as a production that also includes.

Midnight at Pera Palace

Netflix has yet to comment on the ‘Midnight at Pera Palas’ series. did not make an official statement. However, the completion of the shooting seems to activate the platform as well. In the near future, Midnight at Pera Palace trailer We can get a chance to watch.

Midnight at Pera Palace

Midnight at Pera Palace, total from 8 parts formed to be formed. However, we will see over time whether this situation will change.

Midnight at Pera Palace

Hazal Kaya gave the following explanations in her Instagram post; Today was the last day of a dreamy, award-winning set. I don’t know how many sets an actor would want to rewind and relive. Thank you very much @emrecsahin for entrusting Esra to me! My dear @selahattinpasali @yaseminszawlowski #tansubicer @mr.jameschalmers! Love you so much! Good luck… My dear crew behind and in front of the camera! Coming soon!!! @karga7pictures.

Midnight at Pera Palace


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