Migration of Bitcoin Miners Heads to Texas


Texas is one of the biggest targets of miners who had to leave the country with the harsh regulation of China’s crypto currency mining. This is because of the green energy opportunities in the state.

One of the first countries that come to mind when it comes to crypto money is a very important reason behind the coming of China. China, cryptocurrency mining It sets itself apart from all other countries by a clear margin. So much so that, according to estimates, all mining activities in the world %65 ila %75’i It is held in China. But in the past weeks, the country has announced that it will take drastic measures against cryptocurrency mining.

After this statement, we shared with you that the mining companies in the country started to flee the country. Contrary to its statement, China does not take any action, while it does not take any action against crypto miners to expel from the country continues.

Texas has become one of the biggest destinations for mining immigration:


The decline in the number of miners became especially noticeable in the Chinese autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. of china failing to meet climate targets The region’s administrators gave Bitcoin miners 2 months to leave the region. Executives cited Bitcoin mining as the main culprit for energy loss.

The best place for cryptocurrency miners leaving China to go is anywhere with low energy costs. One of the possible options in this regard is China’s next door neighbor. Kazakhstan. coal mines in the country, cheap and abundant energy promising, and this attracts the attention of miners.


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On the other hand, it will attract the attention of miners and according to the experts, it will become one of the centers of mining. state of texas It’s also a great and good option. Because the state has one of the cheapest electricity services in the world and starting a mining company in the state compared to any other region Easier. On the other hand, solar and wind power options in the state are also predicted to become a necessity in the future. mining goal with green energy because it is very interesting.