Migration Speed ​​to iOS 15 lagged behind iOS 14

The Mixpanel company, which analyzes user interactions, has published a report on the usage rates of iOS 15. According to the report, the iOS 15 user rate remained at 22.22 percent. This rate reached 41.97 percent in iOS 14.

Apple, new software update after iPhone 13 launch Event announced İOS 15He also announced. with this update due to errors Apple has been on the agenda at least as much as the launch. In addition to many innovations, the update, which came with annoying errors, was criticized by many users. In particular, the update bugs about sound and storage While coming to the fore, Apple released the iOS 15.0.1 update after criticism.

According to Mixpanel, the company that analyzes user interactions, 20% of users who upgraded to the iOS 15 software update released on September 20 encountered bugs, so users failed to adopt iOS 15. Apple reported an 85% adoption rate for iOS 14 in June, while it has yet to provide statistics for iOS 15. The new report and data published by Mixpanel confirm the predictions and observations made about the adoption of iOS 15.

Migration rate to iOS 15 is almost half that of iOS 14

İOS 15

The transition to the iOS 14 update released by Apple was both very fast and largely realized. But the new data shows that the download rate of iOS 15 is almost half as much as iOS 14 shows that. Of course, the biggest reason why the transitions to iOS 15 remain at such a low rate is of course. bad experiences and resulting errors.


Expected iOS 15.0.1 Update from Apple Has Arrived

According to MixPanel data, the iOS 14 version released last year is within 48 hours of users. 14.68 percentThis rate when installing On iOS 15, only 8.59 percent until. While the number of iOS 14 users reached 41.97 percent on October 5, 2020, the update rate for iOS 15 remained at 22.22 percent as of October 5, 2021. This shows that iOS 15 is less adopted.

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