Migros Will Sell Affordable iPhone 11 Tomorrow


One of Turkey’s largest supermarket chain, Migros, this year as it was last year in the context of preparing to sell the iPhone on sale Friday 11.

Last year iPhone 11 campaign attracting attention with Migrosdecided to organize the same campaign this year. However, this time, the official sales price of the phone was not announced by Migros.

In 2019, Migros offered it for sale at 5,999 TL and Apple’s official price was 7,299 TL at that time. In the meantime, the price of iPhone 11 on Apple’s website increased to 7,999 TL. Last week, the starting prices of the new iPhone 12 models were announced at 9,999 TL.

Migros, iPhone 11 campaign on November 24 – 25: