Mind Transfer Science or Fiction?

Mind transfer is an exciting concept that appears in all the stories we watch and read about science fiction. So, is mind transfer really possible, does it have a scientific basis? Or is it just a fiction? Let’s take a look together.

The idea of ​​transferring the human mind to a computer is a process people have dreamed of for a long time. Although it is only a science fiction element for some, this interesting topic for those who were born in the age of technology and science and grew up with the current information of this age, ‘one day we will do that tooIt has become something we call ‘. So can we really do it? Is transferring the mind to a computer a scientific topic, or is it just a precise and exciting fiction of our imagination?

Science or fiction? We have chosen this topic for you as the first title of our new series, in which we will examine different topics by asking the question. Let’s look for an answer to this question together. First of all, let’s make a quick introduction to our answer to our question; Dozens of things are written and drawn about mind transfer, not only in fictional stories, but also in laboratories, university lecture halls, wherever science and technology are produced. Whether it is theoretically possible and how it will be put into practice is often discussed by the scientific community. In other words, this subject is now a ‘science’ for us.

But, unfortunately, the fact that scientists have started to do research on this subject and the emergence of various theories does not make the implementation of this concept certain. So what’s going on about it, what does science say? How long before we transfer our minds to a computer and reach a completely different point in evolution? Let’s examine it step by step.

A short definition: What is mind transference?


In fact, most of us know what mind transfer is from the movies we watch and the books we read. The mind is found in different ways, each of which is theoretical for the time being. transferring from the brain to a different environment. Up to this point, we do not encounter any problems in the definition part. But to youwhat is mind?‘, to answer ‘What is mind transfer?’ You may need to think more about the question than you think.

Because the mind is biologically, philosophically and psychologically with different meanings, is a compelling concept on which there is still much debate. In fact, many of the difficulties in mind transfer are based on the way we define the mind.

However, let’s take a look at the dictionary meaning to define the mind in its most general form; in humans understanding, understanding, perceptiveness; memory, the power to consciously retain in one’s mind experiences, what has been learned, and their connection with the past. In short, the mind a combination of consciousness and intelligence; what allows us to understand, to learn, to know.

Why is it not possible to transfer the mind to a computer with current facilities?

mind transfer

There are theoretically different ways to transfer the mind to a computer. However, none of these have yet come close to being implemented. Because we know the way to transfer the mind, or we think we know, that it passes through the brain and the brain is such a complex structure that we do not know it yet. We don’t even know closely.

Still, scientists are conducting research on some theoretical methods in this regard. E.g ‘we completely decoded the brain‘, mind transfer may be possible in a future where we develop scanning devices that will scan it in every detail and present its map to us. In such a scenario, all we have to do is by scanning the brain and making a copy transfer to a digital environment. But of course, we are far from knowing every single detail of the brain right now.

Another theory is that the brain can be connected to computer software and therefore has a computable structure, and that every fold of the brain, including the mind, is responsible for every function. can be coded is thinking.

In fact, there is a great deal of truth here, because the brain can be connected to computers many studies are being carried out and we now know that we can do this, especially thanks to the studies carried out by Neurolink last year. However, there is an important detail that makes this theory almost impossible; No matter how computable our brain is in theory and can be written with code, it is almost impossible to encode all the functions of a brain or to map out every detail detected.

Because examining and understanding each cell of this complex structure down to its atoms, solving and writing down their tasks in the process, is something we cannot even imagine. data that is too big for us to store anywhere and this, as you can imagine, is quite far from our current reality.

Can’t we physically examine the brain in the lab and go to the source of the mind?

brain model

His brain is under the knife examining with an electron microscope Finding out exactly where the mind is and then trying to copy only that part might be an option. However, this is only a theory.

In this respect mouse brain carried out on in a study scientists have discovered that the mouse brain is only one a piece of sand the size of a grain of sand they tried to examine and map it. In this piece of brain as a grain of sand More than 100 thousand neurons There was a total of 4 km long nerve fiber.

As a matter of fact, this piece of sand is the size of a grain of sand, in order to be examined more easily. Divided into 25 thousand slices. It’s unbelievable, but these pieces, which were examined by electron microscopes for exactly 5 months, Over 100 million views acquired and it took 3 months in total to create the 3D model of the images. If this is the total size of the completed data, 2 million GB of space said to be covered.

Now let’s say it again, a mouse we’re talking about is just a grain of sand in its brain. While even trying to map and understand it is so challenging, naturally examining the human brain in this way it will be a trillion times harder and moreover we will get We don’t even know if we have a place to store the data.

So should we give up hope?

mind transfer

No! Our answer is very clear, of course not. Science and technology accumulating, every moment the previous moment. that what seemed impossible is now possible our miraculous abilities. Everything we’re talking about here is ‘how do we do it’ to the best of our current knowledge. consists of our answers to the question. But tomorrow, without any of that, with a groundbreaking discovery. we may discover that we can transfer the mind.

Or we develop technologies that really can scan and map every detail of the brain in secondsWe can transfer our minds to a digital environment with the click of a button. we become immortal. At the moment, we just don’t have enough evidence, information or technology to suggest that this will happen in the near future. But ‘the human mind cannot be transferred‘, we have a lot of information and a broad vision.

Let’s put the point to the point with this question; mind transfer also means being immortal, is a person ready for it, does he want it?


Our bodies, with every organ, tissue, cell, including the brain, are mortal. This machine we live in as we get older slowly dying and we’ve always known that and got used to living accordingly. The idea of ​​immortality, on the other hand, may sound good at first, but it’s actually much more than that, because we’re not just biological creatures. It is a complex and complex issue that we cannot ignore. we have psychology.

Immortality, on the other hand, has remained only a fantasy until now, and in fact, perhaps now, if you are told to imagine for a long time that you are immortal, after a while that you do not fully realize being immortal and you may find that you’re actually a little overwhelmed by the thought.

Therefore, besides the difficulties that science, technology and the brain itself present, this is actually about mind transmission. a test we must pass looks like it will. When I stop and think about it, I can’t make peace with the thought that my mind is living a completely different life than I know in a digital environment.

But of course, every new reality that comes into our lives always makes us a completely different person, and mind transfer can be realized as a fruit of the work that will continue for a long time. Humanity is probably also in this process. will gradually accept this idea. Just as 50 years ago, talking about life in space seemed like ‘crazy bullshit’, but today it’s just it has become a reality that we wonder when we will meet as. Moreover, 50 years is not a very long time.

Who knows, maybe our grandchildren’s children decided to transfer ourselves to a simulation, so that we could digest this fact and for us to live with them forever trying to persuade us XXX generation and they will already be accustomed to this thought in the world they have grown into. We don’t know, we’ll wait and see.