Minister of Agriculture and Forestry: ‘The responsibility lies with the municipalities’

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli stated in his statement that the primary responsibility for protecting the settlements lies with the municipalities. The minister made a political-free call and invited the municipalities to work to improve the situation.

While Turkey continues its firefight with heartily and a global call for help was started with the hashtag ‘#HelpTurkey’ Minister of Forestry and Agriculture Bekir Pakdemirlimade a new statement recently. Pakdemirli, in his statement, said that 8 fires are currently ongoing. He stated that all fires were responded to with 16 aircraft, 9 UAVs, 45 helicopters, 6 management helicopters, 708 water sprinklers, 708 construction equipment, and 4,800 personnel.

Responding to the complaints of the citizens that ‘we can’t see any planes’ in Muğla, Pakdemirli said, “Because the surface we are fighting against is very large, our citizens may not be able to see these vehicles in the skies as often as they want, but we continue to work with 4 planes and 17 helicopters in Muğla.” used the phrases.

“The responsibility lies with the municipalities”


as a precaution today 6 neighborhoods were evacuated Pakdemirli also stated that, and then made a statement about the municipalities. The Minister called on the municipalities to increase the balance sheet, especially in the last 4-5 days of fires. Stating that the contributions of the municipalities are endless, the Minister said,However‘ and continued as follows:

I make the following call to our municipalities, free from politics, whether from our party or from another party: Both to remind the municipalities of their responsibilities, to sit down, meet and protect the settlements, both about our ongoing fires and after the fires, regarding the balance sheet of this work. We need to be working on how to improve this.

What I have seen in the last 5 days’ balance sheet is that the forest organization protects the settlements, –In the first degree, the responsibility lies with the municipalities.-, we had to let the forests burn. The burning of forests also further expanded the field. Unfortunately, the expansion of the field also brought damage to the new settlements. This is a political call.

The Minister expressed his words at least after the fire, by holding a workshop with the municipalities, and by expressing the institutional capacity of the municipalities here, especially in order to protect the settlements. they need to talk about how they can make it better stated.


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