Minister of Health Announced that SGK members can also be vaccinated

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced a new regulation that will accelerate the vaccination process. According to Koca’s statement on Twitter, every employee registered with the SGK will now be able to benefit from the right to be vaccinated.

As you know, vaccination studies in Turkey have gained momentum in recent days. While many occupational groups at risk are included in the vaccination process, The age limit for general vaccination has been increased to 40.. then Health Minister Fahrettin Kocamade an announcement to speed up the process even more.

Today, the record for the highest number of vaccine administrations was broken in our country. After a while, a statement came from Minister Koca, after a regulation was introduced that allows the possibility of multiplying this number. Husband, As of tomorrow, all SGK registered employees can be vaccinated..

All SGK users can now be vaccinated

Fahrettin Koca

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, good news Twitter gave over. In the post he shared “Tomorrow begins a new day for all workers and civil servants. All employees registered with SGK… Let’s make a vaccination appointment first thing tomorrow! used the phrases. Thus, vaccinations applied to citizens with certain occupations or over a certain age gained a much wider dimension. All employees registered with the Social Security Institution now have the right to apply for vaccination, regardless of their age.

How to query SGK registration?



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If you want to make a vaccination appointment under the conditions specified in the new regulation, You must be an employee registered with SGK. Querying your registration status is quite simple. ‘4A Insured Registration Detection’ in E-Government You can find out if you are registered by going to the page. To go to the inquiry page here you can click.