Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Opens That They Have Been Cyber ​​Attacked


The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced in a written statement that they were attacked on 31 July 2021. The Ministry said that necessary investigations have been initiated.

Recently Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry It was claimed that the website was cyber-attacked after the fires. Allegedly, this cyber attack continued for 4 hours and very important data was targeted in the attack. These data also included information such as the Farmer Registration System, livestock presence and crop production in Turkey.

The ministry confirms the allegations of cyber attacks in a written statement it shared today. In the statement, it was stated that the information systems of public institutions and private sector are constantly targeted by hacker groups. On July 31, 2021 at around 01:00 am It was stated that some servers in one of the domains of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry were cyber-attacked and encrypted so that they could not be used.

The situation was noticed in the early hours and action was taken:

ministry of agriculture and forestry

The ministry stated that this situation was noticed in the early hours and system encryption protocols were activated. According to the statement, with the officials of the Presidential Digital Transformation Office A coordinated effort has been initiated and necessary measures were taken. Since some servers were targeted, the security of the entire system was first taken under control.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry stated that the servers in the main domain of the Ministry were not affected in this cyber attack, There are 3 separate backup systems expressed. It was also shared that these backup systems are stored in the Ministry and in a private data center. Affected servers and backups are secured for criminal investigation. Rewrites and database were established on other systems in the Ministry. The matter was conveyed to the judicial authorities and the necessary investigation was initiated.

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