Ministry of Finance: Trump wants a large part of the purchase price of Tiktok


US President Donald Trump has asked Microsoft to continue taking over Tiktok. “A very substantial part of the purchase price” but must go to the US government, which makes the purchase possible. The reports the Wall Street Journal citing Trump’s testimony to White House journalists.

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Trump said about the conversation with Microsoft boss Satya Nadella: “I said: ‘If you buy it … a very substantial part of the price has to go to the United States Department of Treasury because we are making this deal possible’. They have no way of doing it right now if we do don’t give them to them. “ Trump said of the forced ban sale: “Here’s the deal: I don’t care if it does Microsoft or someone else – a big company, a safe company, a very American company that buys it.”

Trump to Microsoft: The whole Tiktok or not at all

But the president, who has been threatening to ban Tiktok in the U.S. since Friday, also said that there would be conditions for a sale and that he didn’t see how only part of the company could be bought. Microsoft had said it would be interested in buying Tiktok’s national business in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, and in leaving other parts of the business Chinese-owned.

The Trump administration accuses Tiktok of disclosing US data to the Chinese government, which the Chinese owner Bytedance denies. The video portal for short playback clips and other videos is very popular with children and teenagers.

Tiktok says it has 100 million users in the United States.

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