Ministry of Health Announces Quarantine Rules at Home


T. C. The Ministry of Health has announced quarantine worshipers for 14 days at home for people from a country with corona virus detection. If these rules are followed, the rate of spread of the epidemic in our country is expected to be kept under control.

Corona virus (Kovid-19), which causes various precautions to be taken all over the world, finally it spread to our country. This event, announced at the press conference held by the Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, causes new measures to be taken in our country. After this announcement, T.C. The Ministry of Health shared an infographic from its official Twitter account.

14 Day Rule This infographic explaining is a rule that all the public should pay attention to the slowing of the spread of the virus in our country. New Coronary Virus Home Monitoring (Quarantine) Rules Especially people who come from other countries or have suspicions should pay attention to the rules shared with the name.